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According to the datasheet LM741 IC is a general purpose single operational amplifier. The UA741 is a high performance monolithic operational amplifier constructed on a single silicon chip. You can find some interesting circuits here The term operational amplier or op-amp refers to a class of high-gain DC coupled ampliers with two inputs and a single output. The modern integrated circuit version is typi ed by the famous 741 op-amp. Some of the general characteristics of the IC version are : - High gain, on the order of a millio

Brief Description. An LM741 operational amplifier is a DC-coupled high gain electronic voltage amplifier. It has only one op-amp inside. An operational amplifier IC is used as a comparator which compares the two signal, the inverting and non-inverting signal IC 741 Operational Amplifier. The 741 IC op-amp looks like a chip and it is a general purpose op amp. The 741IC op amp diagram is shown below that consists of 8 pins. The most important pins are pin-2, pin-3 and pin-6 because pin 2 and 3 represent inverting and non-inverting terminals where pin6 represents voltage out The 741 IC is developed using the planar epitaxial process (Refer:- Epitaxial Devices - Characteristics ). The IC is made ideal for use as integrator, summing amplifier, voltage follower and other basic applications. The 741 IC is available in the market as 8-pin metal can, 10-pin flat pack, 8 or 14 pin DIP Electrical Characteristics (Note 5) (Continued) Parameter Conditions LM741A LM741 LM741C Units Min Typ Max Min Typ Max Min Typ Max Large Signal Voltage Gain TA = 25˚C, RL ≥2kΩ VS=±20V, VO = ± 15V 50 V/mV VS = ± 15V, VO = ± 10V 50 200 20 200 V/mV TAMIN ≤TA ≤TAMAX, RL ≥2kΩ, VS=±20V, VO = ± 15V 32 V/mV VS = ± 15V, VO = ± 10V 25 15 V/mV VS = ± 5V, VO = ± 2V 10 V/mV Output. Single Operational Amplifier, LM741 datasheet, LM741 circuit, LM741 data sheet : FAIRCHILD, alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components.

LM741 Datasheet, LM741 PDF, LM741 Data sheet, LM741 manual, LM741 pdf, LM741, datenblatt, Electronics LM741, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, data sheet. UA741 IC is very similar to the LM324 Op-Amp, and the LM324 can be considered as a successer for the UA741. The main difference is that LM324 has two Op-Amps inside package making to more cost effective and compact.If you are curious to learn about few application circuits of this IC then you can read through how LM324 is used since both the IC shares the same applications

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  1. I collect a lot of IC-741 circuits or tiny amplifiers using 741 op-amps as main. For use in various applications, In different ways. The Clipping Amplifier Circuit. When an amplifier is overdrive output waveform of voltage and current distortion. it is limit size value. This is the Clipping Amplifier Circuit using LM741(popular op-amp IC. It is.
  2. The 8 fundamental IC 741 based op amp circuits presented here are not only interesting but also very amusing to build. The included circuit ideas like inverting and non-inverting amplifiers, tone control and regulated power supply will surely intrigue you
  3. IC 741 op-amp is made from various stages of the transistor which commonly have three stages like differential i/p, a push-pull o/p, and an intermediate gain stage. This operational amplifier can offer a high range of voltage gain and this can be made to function at various voltage levels and this functionality allows the device to implement in various integrators, summating type of amplifiers, and others
  4. AN-79 IC Preamplifier Challenges Choppers on Drift (Rev. B) May 01, 2013: Application note: Effect of Heavy Loads on Accuracy and Linearity of Op Amp Circuits (Rev. B) Apr. 22, 2013: Application note: AN-480 A 40 MHz Programmable Video Op Amp: May 11, 2004: Application note: LM143 Monolithic High Voltage Operational Amplifier Applications: May.
  5. The op-amp IC 741 is a DC-coupled, high gain differential amplifier with external negative feedback. IC 741 is characterized by the almost infinite open-loop gain (100,000), almost infinite input impedance (2MΩ), and almost zero output impedance (75Ω)
  6. IC 741 is used in Amplifier. It is used in active filter. It is used in Arithmetic circuit. IC 741 is used in log and antilog amplifier. It is used in voltage comparator. It is used in waveform generator. It is used in Multiplier. It is used in regulated power supply
  7. The UA741 IC is a single package operational amplifier which can be used in a wide range of applications especially by students as well as engineers. This IC can be used in general purpose applications such as buffers, voltage follower, adders, amplifiers , comparators, etc

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The Operational Amplifier is probably the most versatile Integrated Circuit available. It is very cheap especially keeping in mind the fact that it contains several hundred components. The most common Op-Amp is the 741 and it is used in many circu.. 741 IC - (SMD Package) - General Purpose Op-Amp IC; Description; Reviews (0) The UA741 is a high performance monolithic operational amplifier constructed on a single silicon chip. It is intended for a wide range of analog applications. The high gain and wide range of operating voltages provide superior performances in integrator, summing. 741 op amp IC comes in 8 pin dual inline package. It is an 8 pin IC. The PIN number 7 is connected to positive supply and pin number 4 is connected to negative supply or ground. This IC needs a dual polarity supply. Pin number 2 and pin number 3 are the two input terminals of 741 op-amp

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The mini projects using IC 741 listed here can be used as diploma level as well as high school level projects. List of Mini Projects using IC 741 . 1. Electronics Thermometer Using Op-amp 741 IC. Here is the circuit diagram of an electronics thermometer using operational amplifier and silicon diode having range of -20 o C to 125 o C. 2 Browse through a total of 32 IC 741 projects circuits. High Power Car Voltage Regulator GaryC - 01/05/2014. While traveling recently, my family had trouble powering the 5 smartphones, 2 tablets, and 2 laptops while driving . Shadow Sensor Alarm T.K. Hareendran - 02/20/2013. Shadow sensors are widely used to detect the movement of a person in a. Low cost effective Bass-Treble circuit using Op-Amp 741 Updated - December 17, 2016 by Arup This simple but powerful bass, treble, volume control is made by General Op-Amp IC LM741 LM741 IC Features / Technical Specifications: This IC contains overload protection circuitry at the input & output. The IC also contains protection circuitry for short circuit. The internal circuitry is designed to stay stable at different temperatures. Can be operated from wide supply range. It can be operated with both single and dual supply

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CHARACTERISTICS OF IC 741(OP-AMP): 1) INPUT BIAS CURRENT: Since op-amp comprises of BJT transistors, a differential amplifier which requires dc biasing current for stable operation. The value of quiescent dc biasing current drawn by op-amp is called input bias current rating of an amplifier. uA741 the rating is between 80nA(typical) to 500nA(maximum) The most common Op-Amp is the 741 and it is used in many circuits. The OP AMP is a 'Linear Amplifier' with an amazing variety of uses. Its main purpose is to amplify (increase) a weak signal - a little like a Darlington Pair. The OP-AMP has two inputs, INVERTING ( - ) and NON-INVERTING (+), and one output at pin 6 LM741 is a very famous op amp IC built to easily use in many electronic circuits. In this circuit the IC is working as a comparator. The circuit shown in the figure 1 will illuminate an LED for a preset time period after the push button S1 is pressed and the circuit shown in figure 2 will switch ON a relay for a preset time period when the push button S1 is pressed Here is a simple circuit called listing bug using the most popular op-amp IC 741. This circuit can be used for spying because by using this circuit we can hear any conversation held in any other room or we can say by using this circuit one can hear the conversation held in another room

LM741 is about the worst op amp you can still find. It is great for learning because it has so many flaws to demonstrate. What is better? Just about everything. What fits your needs? A personal favorite for me is the AD820. + 15 to -15 Volts for.. The 741 IC type op-amp is a small scale integrated circuit. There is no actual reason for it be called 741, the number is an arbitrary designator assigned simply to make it possible to identify.

  1. Inexpensive—Now IC is low price than a transistor in the same working. Do you want to use IC? In the list below, I show using three IC. First, the famous 741 OP-AMP, it is cheap and easy to get at all store near you. Second, the low noise NE5532 preamplifier—Dual Low-Noise High-Speed Audio Operational Amplifier. So good for audio workin
  2. This article was meant you to understand the basic working of op amp 741 and how it was implemented in circuits.The IC 741 was the most common Operational Amplifiers used since it was very cheap and provides high gain value.There are three main modes that this IC 741 was used they are. Inverting Amplifier Non-inverting Amplifier; Comparato
  3. 741 Integrated circuit (IC) 1. 741 Op-Amp IC By : Mr. Himanshu Diwakar Assistant Professor JETGI JETGI 1Himanshu Diwakar 2. Introduction • With respect to operational amplifiers, a typical configuration is shown in block diagram form JETGI 2Himanshu Diwakar 3
  4. 741 IC - General Purpose Op-Amp IC; Description; Reviews (1) The 741 series are general-purpose operational amplifier which features improved performance over industry standards like LM709. They are direct, Exceeded plug-in replacements for the 709C, LM201, MC1439, and 748 in most applications..
  5. Here is a simple Op-amp Tester Circuit to test the LM741 IC. IC LM741 is advanced and commonly used Op-amp as voltage amplifier
  6. The 741 is a versatile op-amp IC, and it is the best op-amp IC for the beginners to start with. The design was first released by Fairchild and is still in production. Now a day other manufactures also produce op-amp IC with the same name and design. Commonly available 741 is an eight pin dual-in-line package op-amp IC

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IC 741 is a dual inline packed 8 Pin integrated circuit. It can provide high gain output. It has two input terminals called Inverting input (Pin 2) and Non Inverting input (Pin 3) then one output terminal (Pin 6) IC-741 (Op-Amp) 1. 741 IC Presented By: Nafisa Tasneem (1509032) Showrin Barua (1509048) 2. Introduction • An integrated circuit is a semiconductor wafer on which thousands or millions of tiny resistors, capacitors and transistors are fabricated 741 IC Op-Amp Electronic Circuits. AM Radio One Chip Educational Electronic Kit. This is a complete AM radio for the standard broadcast band, most of which is on a single IC. Other components, such as coils and variable capacitor to make a finished radio are included. The IC is the RF Amp, detector and AGC circuitry The voltage which is fed to the Inverting input of the LM741 IC is compared with the voltage which is coming from the R3 which is a 100K variable resistor. This variable resistor is used to set the reference voltage on the Non-inverting input of the LM741 Op Amp IC These come in two flavours, the 741 and 741 A can operate on split voltage rails of +22 V and -22 V, whilst the LM741C requires +18 V and -18 V. Even with all the modern day equivalents, the LM741CN is still a very cost effective chip at around 54p each or 32p when you buy 100 from Farnell. LM741 Datasheet. CA3140

The 741's capacitor is essentially a large metal plate separated from the silicon by an insulating layer. The main drawback of capacitors on ICs is they are physically very large. The 25pF capacitor in the 741 has a very small value but takes up a large fraction of the chip's area The IC 741 is at the center. Its Pin #7 which is the +supply pin is hooked up to the positive rail, in the same way its pin #4 which is the negative supply pin is hooked up to the negative or rather the zero supply rail of the power supply. The above couple of pin connections powers the IC so that it can continue with its meant features Type: Amateur HF transceiver: Frequency range: 10-160 m + WARC: Mode: SSB/CW/AM (FM option) RF Power output:? W: Sensitivity: Selectivity: Image rejection

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  1. Op-Amp IC 741 - 2No. Bread board; Capacitor 0.1µF - 3No. RPS (0 - 30V) - 1No. Resistors - 10K - 2No., 470K - 1No.,1K - 3No. Connecting wires; CRO(20MHz) Circuit diagrams: Sine Wave Generator: (RC phase shift oscillator) Fig - 1. Square and Triangular Wave Generator: Fig - 2. Theory: RC oscillator is build using an amplifier and a RC network in.
  2. Search the Boat Anchor Manual Archive (BAMA) for ICOM IC-741 for manuals and documents (using Google) About. RigReference.com aims to become the most comprehensive reference guide for ham radio equipment. If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you'd like to participate, please get in touch
  3. IC- 741. Resistor - R1 - 15k, R2,R3 - 10k, R4 - 3.3k. Capacitor - C1 - .01uf. Transistor -Q1 - BC547. LS - Loudspeaker. Police siren circuit using NE555. The wailing siren can be used as a tone generator, indicators, alarm, etc. The circuit consists of two astable multivibrator circuits using 555 IC. One with (IC 1) low.
  4. als. This stage provides most of voltage gain of the op-amp and decides.

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Function Generator Using IC 741 Op-Amp Here I'm discussing about the circuit that which we can uses in different ways to produce signals. In this we are observing that there are two op-amps that are of ic741. Signal generator which provide a variety of waveforms are referred to as unction generator. These are commonly availabl This EzEd Video explains the Practical Op Amp IC 741. It displays the different pins of the OpAmp and the Inverting pin and non inverting pin High Accuracy IC Op Amps CONNECTION DIAGRAMS TO-99 (H) Package NC = NO CONNECT Mini-DIP (N) Package NC = NO CONNECT GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Analog Devices AD741 Series are high performance mono-lithic operational amplifiers. All the devices feature full short circuit protection and internal compensation. The Analog Devices AD741J, AD741K. OP-AMP IC 741 - DESCRIPTION This IC is an 8 pin IC in the dual in line (DIP) package. This is the one of the oldest and one of the most popular Op-amp IC. It is a high performance monolithic operational amplifier. It has wide range of applications such as integrator, differentiator, summing amplifier etc. 12 6 Unit - LM741 Op Amp on a Breadboard: This is an LM741 op-amp built on a breadboard. The LM741 op-amp is an 8 pin IC chip, but I thought it would be fun to build my own on a breadboard. There are four sections to the chip, it will be built on four Adafruit Perma Proto boards. The des

When you clap or any sound of approximately same pitch of Clap sound. this sound signal is converted into the electrical signal by the condenser microphone.These sound vibrations are given to the inverting input of IC 741 and Its amplifies the sound collected by the Microphone.Resistor R1,R2 and VR2 variable resistor adjust the sensitivity of the amplifier.Resistor R3 set the sensitivity of. IC 555/IC 741 tester. IC 555/IC 741 tester. If the constructed circuit is not giving proper output means we can check every components in the circuit and can change faulty one, but if the problem in IC means we cannot easily identify that problem

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  1. 10Pcs UA741CP DIP-8 741 IC Chip Operational Amplifiers. Brand New. C $13.15. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. or Best Offer. From United States +C $21.21 shipping. Customs services and international tracking provided. X 5 S P L S Q M D S O N C R S O R E D. 1PCS STMicroelectronics UA741CN UA741 Operational Amplifier OpAmp DIP-8 New IC
  2. Op-amp 741 IC is one of the most popular and versatile operation amplifiers and can be used in lot of application including, comparator, wave generator amplifier etc. A triangular wave generator is an electronic circuit, which generates a triangular wave
  3. Prerequisite: Know the theory about the experiment. Study the pin diagram and functioning of each pin of IC 741. Study how an integrator and a differentiator work. Objective: To study the working of op-amp as differentiator and integrator. Apparatus
  4. Operation and construction of square wave generator using IC 741 operational amplifier circuit using a simple Op amp IC 741.The square wave generator 741
  5. Zero Crossing Detector using 741 IC The zero crossing detector circuit is an important application of the op-amp comparator circuit. It can also be called as the sine to square wave converter. Anyone of the inverting or non-inverting comparators can be used as a zero-crossing detector. The only change to be brought in is the reference voltage.
  6. AN-79 IC Preamplifier Challenges Choppers on Drift: 2013年 5月 1日: アプリケーション・ノート: Effect of Heavy Loads on Accuracy & Linearity of Op Amp Circuits: 2013年 4月 22日: アプリケーション・ノート: AN-480 A 40 MHz Programmable Video Op Amp: 2004年 5月 11日: アプリケーション・ノー
  7. Following are 20 best IC 741 based designs that could be implemented for any desired application as per the user preference. All the 20 circuits will equally work well even with any other standard opamp, so need of employing IC 741 only, other opamps such as IC LM321, LM324, LM358, TL072, LM301, CA3130 etc all can be used for the mentioned applications

IC 741: 1: Resistors 10k, 100K: 1 each: Resistors 1.5 k, 150: 1 each: Capacitor 0.01 F, 0.1 F: 1 each: Function generator 1 Hz to 2MHz: 1: Connecting wire IC LM741 as a Signal Generator: The operational amplifier IC-741 is not only instrumentation amplifier, it can generate different type of the waveforms by charging and discharging mode. Function generator give waveforms such as sine, triangular, square waves and so on of different frequencies and amplitudes The LM741 is an operational amplifier IC that can function as a comparator. It is an op amp chip that has 8 pins in total. If you want a complete understanding of what each pin is and what each pin does, see LM741 Op Amp- Pinout. The only pins we will use for our comparator circuit are 5 of the pins, V+, V-, inverting input, noninverting input.

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  1. The output of 741 is amplified by a compound emitter follower T1 and T2. All the current flows through R6. If the load current exceeds 1A, the voltage drop across R6 exceeds 0.6 volts and T3 starts conducting. This bypasses the supply to T1 and T2 and the regulating action stops
  2. Like its larger sibling the XL741 soldering kit, the 741SE is an easy soldering kit that results in a working 741 op-amp, styled like an integrated circuit. However, while the XL741 is a traditional through-hole soldering kit styled like a DIP packaged (through-hole) integrated circuit, the 741SE is a surface mount soldering kit, styled to.
  3. What is offset null in IC 741? 1. Why can't I swap a TL071 with a 741? 0. Inverting Schmitt trigger using uA 741. 0. A question on op amp selection in an active filter. 1. Short circuit protection stage in the 741 op. amp. 1. The Pole Frequency of OP AMP 741. 0
  4. LM741 3 Electrical Characteristics (VCC = 15V, VEE = - 15V.TA = 25 °C, unless otherwise specified) Parameter Symbol Conditions LM741 Unit Min. Typ. Max. Input Offset Voltage VIO RS≤10KΩ -2.0 6.0 m
  5. Hi Post #17 is the correct default path for the .asy symbol file. The correct default path for the .lib file is: This PC->Documents->Program Files->LTC->LTspiceXVII->lib->su
  6. \$\begingroup\$ why off set voltage is produced in IC 741 ? \$\endgroup\$ - Abishek ram R Jan 23 '13 at 13:01. 1 \$\begingroup\$ @AbiRAM02 because nothing is perfect. An ideal op-amp has no offset because its gain is infinite, there are no leakage currents, and there's no undesired impedance anywhere
  7. al and place the negative or ground part of our signal here
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Fig. 1: Prototype of LM741 OPAMP IC based RC Phase Shift Sine Wave Oscillator. Fig. 2: Image showing Output from LM741 OPAMP IC based RC Phase Shift Sine Wave Oscillator on an Oscilloscope. When you build and test the circuit you will get the output sine wave on DSO as shown in photograph Texas Instruments 20 Pieces UA741CP IC OPAMP GP 1MHZ SGL LP 8DIP 741 UA741, IC OPAMP GP 1MHZ 8DIP, Linear - Amplifiers - Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps 4.7 out of 5 stars 8 $14.99 $ 14 . 9 Note that these circuits themselves may not be based on the 741 Op-Amp IC - but they perform functions similar to that of the 741 Operation Amplifier. Function Generator Op Amp kit. A very low cost and simple electronic circuit to generate square, pseudo-sinewave and triangular waveforms in the Audio frequency range. Uses a quad opamp LM348

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741, 7410, 741 Aven az IC Components Electronics Distributor-tól. Új eredeti. PayPal elfogadva. RFQ 741 az IC komponenseken IC 741. From Wikiversity. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Khuếch Đại Điện . Mạch Điện: Chức năng = − Khuếch Đại Điện Âm = (+. The 741 Op-amp. The most common and most famous op-amp is the mA741C or just 741, which is packaged in an 8-pin mini-DIP. The integrated circuit contains 20 transistors and 11 resistors. Introduced by Fairchild in 1968, the 741 and subsequent IC op-amps including FET-input op-amps have become the standard tool for achieving amplification and a host of other tasks Sine Wave Generator Description: Sine Wave Generator using IC 741 OP AMP Operational Amplifier-In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a stable Sine Wave Generator or Oscillator using IC 741 Op Amp Operational Amplifier; using a very few electronic components like resistors, capacitors, and diodes.Before you follow the rest of the tutorial, I highly recommend reading my articles o

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271 ic 741 products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which integrated circuits accounts for 7%, amplifiers and comparators accounts for 1%. A wide variety of ic 741 options are available to you, such as other. You can also choose from voltage regulator, drive ic, and other ic 741, as well as from other ic 741 There are 26. This is information on a product in full production. September 2013 DocID5304 Rev 3 1/11 UA741 General-purpose single operational amplifier Datasheet -production data Feature 6 Band Graphic Equaliser Using 741 Op-Amp IC. With this circuit you can control and blend frequencies and tones as desired. Essentially, the circuit consists of an IC 741 whose gain at various freguencies is determined by corresponding potentiometer setting. The audiblefrequency spectrum is covered in six steps: 50Hz, 160Hz, 500Hz, 1.6kHz, 5kHz. A practical instrumentation amplifier circuit designed based on uA 741 op-amp is shown below. The amplifier operates from +/-12V DC and has a gain of 10. If you need a variable gain, then replace Rg with a 5K POT. Instead of using uA741 you can use any opamp but the power supply voltage must be changed according to the op-amp 603 results for ic 741. Save this search. Shipping to 98052 : Items in search results. LM741 IC Chips - NEW - (10 pcs) C $5.99; or Best Offer +C $3.00 shipping; SPONSORED. 100pcs DIP8 IC UA741CN UA741CP UA741 LM741 741 Best quality original. C $20.42; or Best Offer.

Function Generator Using IC 741 Op-Amp. August 17, 2015 By Administrator Leave a Comment . Here I'm discussing about the circuit that which we can uses in different ways to produce signals. In this we are observing that there are two op-amps that are of ic741 OP-AMP 741 IC PIN DIAGRAM (Operational Amplifier) Feb 29, 2016. Manas Sharma. PIN DIAGRAM: APPLICATION IN INVERTING MODE: Manas Sharma. PhD researcher at Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Germany. I'm a physicist specializing in theoretical, computational and experimental condensed matter physics. I like to develop Physics related apps and. Zero Crossing Detector using 741 IC The zero crossing detector circuit is an important application of the op-amp comparator circuit. It can also be called as the sine to square wave converter. Anyone of the inverting or non-inverting comparators can be used as a zero-crossing detector. The only change to be brought in is th 741 Op Amp Gain Calculator Here are two calculators for calculating the closed loop gain of 741 and compatible operational amplifiers. There are two diagrams with equations for inverting and non-inverting configurations Op-amp Input Current. One of the practical op-amp limitations is that the input current is not exactly zero as we assume in the current rule.There is a tiny input bias current for an op-amp which is about 80 nA for 741 type op-amps. For FET- input op-amps it may be a few picoamps

IC-741 Radio. More Icom Radioamateur Transceivers : Icom VHF/UHF Handhelds: Icom IC-Delta 1A (IC Delta 1A ICDelta1A) service manual and spec The internal circuitry of the 741 op amp. The numbers in parentheses at the external connections for the above schematic diagram refer to the terminal pinouts for the 8-pin IC package. The pin numbers are the same for both the 8-pin mini-DIP package and the 8-pin round Type-T metal can. In both cases, pin 8 has no connection 1 Op-Amp 741 IC 1 2 Resistor 100 KΩ , 10 KΩ 2 3 NPN transistor BC 548 1 4 Function Generator 1MHz 1 5 CRO 20 MHz 1 6 Bread Board, Dc power supply 1 7 Connecting Wires and Probes THEORY: The log and antilog amplifiers are the non linear application mode circuits. The grounded base NPN transistor behaves like a diode With op-amp IC 741 in inverting mode, the display shows 7 and 5 alternately. In the non-inverting mode it shows 9 and 0 alternately. Common Anode display Configuration for connecting Display with circuit ( Please connect the A , C and B or D to the corresponding point in the circuit.

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